Welcome to Influence, Psychology and Persuasion Podcast

This is session number 001 of the Influence Psychology and Persuasion podcast. In this first of the 10 minute shows, I’ll be sharing some information on attention, awareness and how it really directs your life. What you focus on increases.

Have a look at the Awareness Test on YouTube for a great demonstration on “what you focus on increases”. And, what you don’t, you’ll most probably miss. You can hedge your bets to get more of what you want by understanding and applying this principle.

Reticular activating system is the part of your brain that looks to prove you right. This isn’t totally correct, but, for the purpose of understanding this I like to call this part, the thinker and the prover. You, yes, that’s right you the bit that reading this and listening to the podcast is then thinker. The prover is the part of you that come up with the answer to the question that the thinker asks. “What will I learn today” is a great question to force your prover to find something that suits.