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21st Century Business Coaching

I have coached over 100 businesses. And one thing is clear. The biggest positive change any business can make is with the mindset of the leaders and team.

It’s all too common for business owners to look externally to strategy, investment and other operational changes to grow their business first. When the biggest potential for growth and sustainability is in people. I work with business owners to unleash potential, create clarity and fuel the business on passion, first. Then we begin to build the business with a thriving team and culture. Mindset is the fuel that drives growth, sustainability, culture and change.

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Business Coaching is for people who:

Want more freedom! “I feel like I’ve built a ball and chain and I wanted more freedom!”
Want the company to grow continually, sustainably. “Why can’t I break through this plateau?”
Want stability and security “It feels like our growth strategy is hope”

To achieve these fundamental desires I work with you on key areas of the business.

  • Mindset
  • Money
  • Team
  • Strategy


What Next

Usually, more questions. Contact me to arrange a discovery session. During this time we can map out your situation of the business and highlight areas for improvement. 


The way we do business has changed

It’s a fast-paced world and you’ll need to adapt to survive.

Rapid changes in technology, means businesses have more opportunity to utilise technology to improve their workflow and operations. However, this same technology will also mean lots of businesses lose their market position and become redundant overnight.

The race is on to build a business to stand the test of time. In these volatile and uncertain times, one thing is certain. Businesses who offer value through services have the most to gain and most to lose. It all depends how you build your business offering

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this coaching is right for me?
It’s always a default “yes.” But, you need to want to change and implement new plans, ideas and strategies. I don’t become your default business advisor that you just follow to the “T.” We review all actions and plans and together, with your team and we move forward fast.

You can expect to be pushed and challenged. This is to make sure you know you’re working on the right areas of your business. I’m not here however to “Just Challenge” for the sake of it. My role as your coach (hopefully) isn’t to act as the professional contrarian but to give you massive perspective and focus.

Change can be uncomfortable. This is part of the reason business growth stalls. We get comfortable. So, expect to feel the heat during re-ignition, hold on and enjoy the ride.

How will business coaching help me?

Have a read of the reviews for a greater understanding. But you can expect to:

  1. Understand yourself and your unique skills
  2. Understand your team and their unique skills
  3. Get clear on your offering making sales simple
  4. Maintain motivation to build something special
  5. Create a business that runs without you
  6. Get perspective
  7. Avoid shiny object syndrome
  8. Access to the lastest mindset andbusiness growth tools and strategies
There are so many Business coaches. Why should I pick Mike?

Because I’m the best. And humble too! Lol

Maybe I’m not for everyone, I don’t profess to be.

Honesty time. I’ve failed in business and I know how it feels. It was my failure in 2007 that lead me to build and sell on another business in 2013. I’ve also been blessed with the opportunity to coach over 100 businesses from various sectors. This gives me a huge base to draw from.

As you may already know by now, psychology, NLP and neuroscience is a big part of my offering. These fundamental parts are essential in all facets of a business. Sales, recruitment, leadership, management etc. It goes without saying, this offer is unique and integral to what I do when I worlk with companies.

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