Hypnosis for IBS

Hypnosis has become a popular course of action for sufferers of IBS.

How is Irritable Bowel Syndrome Affecting You?

Are you looking for solutions?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is the most common (GI) gastrointestinal disorder. It is gauged the worldwide rate of IBS is somewhere between 10 to 15%. You are not alone with this condition, but that fact does not bring any relief. IBS has been classified as a functional disorder, this means that there is an absence of structural or biochemical abnormalities on most of the test that are carried out.

Hypnosis for IBS can provide can a significant improvement for patients. This was shown in a study of over 200 sufferers. (Source) They concluded that “the beneficial effects of hypnotherapy appear to last at least five years”, making it “a viable therapeutic option” for treating IBS.

Are you suffering from debilitating stomach pains and cramps? If so, this can dramatically affect your life and well-being, as you probably know already. Is it about time you looked for a proven course of action using Hypnosis for IBS?

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People who consider their IBS as severe

What is IBS?

This is the Million pound question. IBS has be qualified as a functional disorder, which means in simple terms that there are no biochemical abnormalities on common tests. In a nutshell, no one knows. But, the fact that Hypnosis has been proven to be effective leads us to understand that IBS is enflamed by stressors.

We also know that stress affects the body in very specific ways. In simple terms, stressful feelings cause the body to react in ways it thinks, it needs to. Low levels of stress can begin to affect our reproductive and sexual function, as that stress increases, our gastrointestinal tract is compromised, as the stress increases even more, we then begin the get short of breath, increased heart rates and then difficulty breathing.

This is why medium to low level continual stress and anxiety could easily be connected to IBS.

Why Have I Got IBS?

As stated above, IBS is common, as is the prevalence of stress. Even if you don’t feel particularly stressed, sufferers of IBS always have elements of tension and expectation regarding IBS its self. IBS can therefore be self-perpetuating.

What Are My Options?

There are a few options available to you:

  • The first course of action people follow is usually medical. It’s sounds advice to ensure that there are no medical underlying issues which are causing the flare-ups.
  • Diet is a big factor in IBS too. What we eat not only affects how our bowels react, but it is also very closely linked to our stress levels and the way we feel.
  • 1-2-1 hypnosis for IBS. Having a qualified and experienced therapist is a proven method of treatment. Typically I run an IBS program for 3 sessions a week apart for the best possible results. These sessions will all have small conscious changes for you to make between each session too.

Can I Help You With IBS?

Very possibly. Since 2006 I have worked with 1000’s of clients on hundreds of issues. I have come to find a program for IBS that offers a repeatable sense of relief for the symptoms. I require each person to be open to making some changes for us to achieve results. There will be practical steps for you to follow in between sessions if we discover indications there may also be other habits contributing to the condition. Each person has their own experience and with hypnosis, like most things the effects can vary. However, I am a practical hypnotherapist, I find that having a clear plan and a strong desire from you, the client is a great way to see positive changes. I see approximately 2 people per week for IBS and gastrointestinal conditions. It’s amazing to see how a change in ways you look for a solution can have such an impact. Remember, hypnotherapy is an artform as much as it is a practical intervention that is used to treat many conditions, therefore all therapists will be different. Client and therapist rapport is a must for the best possible chance of success. This is one of the reasons you can feel free to call me to discuss before hand to make sure you feel comfortable.

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