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Advanced Levels of NLP


This course is only available to NLP practitioners!

The NLP master practitioner training course takes your skills to the next level as a practitioner or coach. You can expect to discover richer levels of knowledge along with new skills to develop you as an effective practitioner/coach.

The main theme for the master practitioner is modelling. When you understand modelling, you have the essence of what NLP is all about in your hands and mind. Having “modelling” as the basis gives you the ability to break down the excellence you discover and create your own models. The world is your oyster and the sky is the limit.

The 12-day course is spread out over 2 months. You’ll want to master each module as we go. The final piece of the master practitioner course is a modelling project. This will be a project of your choice and will have you demonstrate your skills to a master level. It’s a great way for you to feel like you have a good grasp of all of the necessary skills and understandings.

Benefits of the course

  • Advanced language patterns – Milton Model and Quantum Linguistics
  • Influencing with integrity
  • Emotional flexibility
  • Conversational changes processes
  • Model skills you want to learn
  • Present with impact
  • Breakthrough limitations

NLP Master Practitioner Overview

The master practitioner course is also experiential. My core aim for the course is to inspire learning in a way that’s right for everyone. I create experiences and situations from which a deep learning occurs. The Master Practitioner training manual is over 300 pages, however, the course is not about completing it page by page filling in the gaps. No amount of reading, or “being taught” NLP via presentations will allow you to understand and comprehend NLP. When you train with me your course is packed full of practical and experiential insights. It’s all about getting your hands dirty from day one. You’ll be working with others, and on yourself, so get ready to allow a change in your life. It’s almost a certainty that there will be some impactful changes for you while training, please expect them for yourself while also helping others when they create their changes.

The twelve-day NLP master practitioner course has been designed to give you a deeper understanding of the NLP principles and techniques. You’ll not only leave understanding the ideas. You will have practised and practised and practised some more to make sure you feel comfortable with applying what you’ve learnt. I don’t do NLP at you. We do it together, are you ready to become a master practitioner?

Sep - 2018

12-day Master practitioner
Thu 6th Sep – 10th Sep
Thu 4th Oct – 8th Oct
Fri 2nd Nov – 4th Nov
9:30am – 5pm

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“Mike is the best business trainer that I have ever come across. His approach on building your confidence and mindset is exceptional”
Robert Rajeswaran

CEO, GoCode Academy

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Some of the amazing content we cover in the Master practitioner course
What is Modelling

  • Introduction
  • How to model
  • Core elements of extracting a model
  • Learn and teach a model
Enhanced Language

  • Advanced Meta model
  • Advanced Milton model
  • Quantum Linguistics
  • Conversational Hypnosis
Advancing You

  • Breakthrough session
  • Dealing with Imposter syndrome
  • Self-motivation
  • Self reflection and change
Strategies and Patterns

  • Uncover helpful strategies from other people
  • Breakdown, unwanted strategies that are holding you back
  • Be flexible and use other people strategies for mutual benefit

  • One of the worlds most common phobias mastered
  • Presenting with passion
  • Show up, so that the world see the real you

  • Discovering values
  • Discovering motivation direction
  • Removing values clashes
  • Value elicitation and hirachy

And much more….

"Developing You With NLP"


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NLP Practitioner

8-day over 4 weekends NLP Practitioner Course. Learn, do, know. Great for personal development, coaches, therapists and business professionals.


NLP Master

After the practitioner, the Master Practitioneris the logical step. Dive deeper into the modelling skills of NLP.

NLP Bespoke

Together we design a course using NLP to suit your requirements. Sales, management, recruitment, development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What course is right for me?

All 3 of the courses I run are open to anyone with no pre-requisites apart from the master practitioner course. There is a phone call before all bookings are complete to make sure you are suitable. This isn’t like an interview, it’s just to make sure we are a good fit for the training and that the training meets your expectations.

The FREE Online course has been designed with the person who is curious about NLP in mind. This course is completely free and is always growing and being updated. And yes, once you have started it is free forever.

The Practitioner course is an 8 day course over 4 weekends. This is the most popular route for anyone looking for a deep dive into NLP. NLP is a broad topic however the principles and methodologies run throughout. Taking a practitioner course is a sound way to develop you as a practitioner as well as giving you the understanding to allow you to further develop once the course is complete.

The Master Practitioner training course is a 12-day course over 2 months. It’s essential that you have completed a practitioner course before taking this course.

The Bespoke course is usually for groups or a company who has a specific requirement. Typically working with a management team, sales teams or groups who have a mutually agreed outcome for the course. These can range from 3-10 days depending on what’s desired. These bespoke courses can also be followed up with a coaching program.

How will learning NLP help me?
People report a number of ways NLP has helped them. Here are just a few examples.

  1. Understanding yourself and how you think.
  2. Understanding how others think.
  3. Enhanced communication. No more getting cross wires or feel like you’re talking a different language.
  4. Learn strategies for change. This could be for increasing motivation, dedication. Getting rid of old unwanted habits and behaviours.
  5. Dealing with difficult people.
  6. Improved delegation and management skills.
  7. An enriched life by reprocessing events and memories.
I've heard NLP described as manipulative, why is this?
NLP can roughly be broken into three main parts:

  • Enhanced communication
  • Behaviour and belief change
  • Modelling

You can read more about these and watch the video at my what is NLP page

When you become versed NLP and your communication increases, you will notice that you’re able to get to grips with what a person is trying to communicate. As well as what a person says, communication is also about what a person does. People’s non-verbal cues give more information at times than what they’re actually saying. NLP can show you how to understand and learn from those non-verbal cues which to some, seems manipulative. It is just enhanced communication.

Another part of the NLP communication model is something called the Milton model. The communication model was taken from Milton Erickson, who was a hypnotherapist. When used correctly, this language is very metaphorical and can assist someone in making a decision. It is not about making someone do something that they don’t want to do. Science has shown that metaphors and storytelling can be persuasive, this is why watching movies can create such strong emotions. By using this language, you’re able to connect with people emotionally. This doesn’t mean to persuade or manipulate negatively. Just allow them to understand exactly what is your trying to communicate in the best possible way.

Changing beliefs and behaviours in itself does sound a little bit cultish or witchcraft like. Our beliefs do define us. However, NLP shows us that if a belief is not serving us, then we can “believe”  something different.  Modelling is really what NLP is about. It’s finding what’s working and understanding the beliefs, behaviours, strategies and language behind that and replicating. Modelling is natural. Every child in the world is an exceptional modeller. This is how they can learn to walk, talk, move, interact and create their persona. They model those people around them.

NLP is powerful and has the potential to be manipulative. It was never set out to be manipulative or persuasive. Just like a desert spoon has no intention of hurting a person. If you feed a person a dessert spoon, then, sure enough, there would be some negative connotations. As long as you are planning to learn NLP for  an ethical reason, then you’ll reap the rewards NLP has in store

There are so many NLP trainers. Why should I train with Mike?
Training is a lot like food. Everyone has their own taste. Therefore, choose a trainer who you feel like you have some sort of connection with. You can see my videos, listen to my podcasts and see if I feel right for you.

The relationship between the trainer and trainee is paramount. Even though all training courses run over a few days, it’s beneficial when a person comes on a course and they get the idea of how that course will be delivered. For me, choose a trainer who you have a connection with from the content they put online. This is one of the reasons we have a phone call before committing to the training and why I have an ever-growing online NLP training resource.

Experience: I have been a hands on therapist, coach and trainer for over 10 years. This means I have worked with and see about every possible scenario when it comes to creating change.

Business: I have real passion and experience for business. I have started a company and sold that on in only 3 years. I have also coached hundreds of companies (The people really) so this is an area of expertise.

Where are your courses held?

Milton Keynes, London and……… All over the world. The practitioner courses are only scheduled in these 2 locations. All training venues will be close to trains and main trunk roads. Milton Keynes is nearly the centre of the country and it’s very easy to get to and stay over too if you wish.

The everywhere part is for International companies and groups for bespoke courses. I’m willing to travel worldwide for course and workshops. All bespoke courses are designed with your outcome in mind. All fees for the bespoke courses are agreed beforehand.

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