Coaching with NLP

Learn NLP coaching skills to use as an effective coach.

8 day NLP Training for Coaching

2018 dates for the 8-day NLP for Coaching
Milton Keynes

Feb - 2018

8-day intensive practitioner
Fully Booked

9:30am – 5pm

Apr - 2018

8-day intensive practitioner

Thu 12th Apr – 19th Apr
9:30am – 5pm


Jun - 2018

8-day intensive practitioner

Thu 21st Jun – 28th Jun
9:30am – 5pm


Benefits of the course

  • Understand clients deeply
  • Create compelling goals they are more likely to achieve
  • Communicate with clients and people in “their way”
  • Asking precision questions
  • Deliver effective feedback which builds awareness
  • Customise your own language and patterns to develop great levels of rapport
  • Understand and begin to read body language and tells
  • Uncover a person’s deep values and drivers
  • Overcome obstacles and blockages
  • Grow in confidence as a coach
  • Build confidence in others

NLP for Coaching Overview

This is an 8 day NLP for coaches programme and it’s aimed to give new and existing coaches the essential skills of coaching. Essentially this is the full NLP practitioner course giving you the skills required to become an effective coach.

Whether you are planning to become a formal coach or use coaching more within an organisation as a manager or leader, the skills, techniques and patterns learnt on this course are invaluable.

No one ever really knows NLP. The study is all about discovering what works. From studying what works, patterns and techniques are revealed. This means once you embark on your learning of NLP you too will discover that the more you learn, the more you notice even more possibilities and ways to apply it.


What Next

Usually, more questions. Training in NLP is very personal. Even when a group of individuals choose to train in NLP specifically for coaching, each of them has their own style and ways in which they are planning to apply their learning and new skillset. With that in mind, please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.


How I Use NLP in Coaching?

I’ve been a coach using NLP since 2007. When I first started as a full-time coach/therapist I was seeing up to 40 clients per week. (I wouldn’t advise you do this). I used NLP to help people discover their goals, drivers and core values. This gave me and them a solid place to work from. I then formed a new business in 2010. I used NLP extensively to coach my team and my clients. Having the ability to really understand people using NLP is what makes it so fascinating.


I have also spent over 2 years as a business coach. Without NLP I never would have been as effecive or dare I say, have had so much fulfilment.

Some of the amazing content we cover in the coaching course
What is NLP?

  • Introduction
  • Self-Control – Who’s driving the bus
  • Beliefs of NLP – Rapid breakthroughs by changing old unhelpful belief patterns
  • State control –  Don’t let others ruin your day

  • Access desired state rapidly
  • Remove unhelpful associations picked up during your life
  • Manage yours and other peoples state
Enhanced Language

  • Basics of the Meta model
  • Basics of the Milton model
  • Chunking
  • Challenging people artfully
  • Hypnotic language used in the real world.

  • Discover how we code our experience
  • Learn how differently will all experience the world
  • Understand what others are thinking just by watching them
  • Make powerful connections with people while talking.
Perceptual Positions

  • Gain insight, from other people’s point of view
  • Understand the process behind another person’s perception
  • Be skilled at conflict resolution
  • Think more rationally and logically

  • Discovering values
  • Discovering motivation direction
  • Removing values clashes
  • Value elicitation and hirachy

  • How to set and structure goals
  • Uncover motivations to keep on achieving goals
  • Teach others how to set compelling goals
  • Live on-purpose
Strategies and Patterns

  • Uncover helpful strategies from other people
  • Breakdown, unwanted strategies that are holding you back
  • Be flexible and use other people strategies for mutual benefit

  • Changing unwanted habits, behaviours and feelings
  • Removing phobias
  • Changing feelings of old unwanted events

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course is right for me?
If you are a coach or are planning to coach others, then absolutely.

This course is the full 8 day NLP practitioner course fully accredited by ANLP.

If you are not necessarily looking for accreditation then perhaps you may choose to look into the 5-day course for those wanting the skills without the procedure for the accreditation.

How will learning NLP help me as a coach?
People report a number of ways NLP has helped them. Here are just a few examples.

  1. Understanding yourself and how you think.
  2. Understanding how others think.
  3. Enhanced communication. No more getting cross wires or feel like you’re talking a different language.
  4. Learn strategies for change. This could be for increasing motivation, dedication. Getting rid of old unwanted habits and behaviours.
  5. Dealing with difficult people.
  6. Improved delegation and management skills.
  7. An enriched life by reprocessing events and memories.
  8. Tools and resourses for you to use in many ways
There are so many NLP trainers. Why should I train with Mike?
Training is a lot like food. Everyone has their own taste. Therefore, choose a trainer who you feel like you have some sort of connection with. You can see my videos, listen to my podcasts and see if I feel right for you.

The relationship between the trainer and trainee is paramount. Even though all training courses run over a few days, it’s beneficial when a person comes on a course and they get the idea of how that course will be delivered. For me, choose a trainer who you have a connection with from the content they put online. This is one of the reasons we have a phone call before committing to the training and why I have an ever-growing online NLP training resource.

Experience: I have been a hands on therapist, coach and trainer for over 10 years. This means I have worked with and see about every possible scenario when it comes to creating change.

Business: I have real passion and experience for business. I have started a company and sold that on in only 3 years. I have also coached hundreds of companies (The people really) so this is an area of expertise.

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