Speaking Anxiety!

I’ve been there too!

Sweating, nervous, “will the words come out, what will people think of me?” These are some of the reasons people decide to get in touch.

I use a range of proven psychological processes to allow you to say what you need and get your voice heard.

Is This Program Right For You?


1-2-1 Therapist Specialising in Anxiety

Mike has been coaching people with  anxiety since 2007 and has worked with anxiety and fear in hundreds of cases.



A 3 session programme is aimed to deliver results fast. This programme use a range of proven effective psychological interventions, including NLP, Hypnosis, CBT and Physiology principles.

Therapist - Coach - Speaker

Mike is a therapist, a coach but most importantly a speaker too. So he understands what it takes to deliver a speech when you are suffering with anxiety.

What are the Symptoms?

Sweating, palpitations, dry mouth, shaking etc. Truth be told public speaking anxiety is no different that any other anxiety condition. But, those symptoms make speaking nearly impossible. The anxiety/stress response is no place to be if you want or need to deliver a speech.

Can I really help?

Absolutely. I have been a therapist since 2007 and I have worked with an exceptional number of anxiety cases. Each are different in some way, but all cases are debilitating. As well as the psychological and neuro-science processes I also empower each person to allow you to feel like you are in control.


Surprisingly, the reasons people come to me to overcome anxiety around speaking are amazing. Workplace speeches, New jobs, Interviews, Weddings, Funerals, Parties, Charity events, Christenings, Documentaries, TV. etc.

Are you ready?

You’ll need to be. This programme are mentally tasking, but, nothing good is ever easy, right? There will also be elements of practice in between sessions too. I don’t wave a wand and you change. We work to unlock your potential and you create the change you’re looking for.

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