Could Your M&E Service Business Be Doing More?

See how the 5 Pillars Model could give you Freedom and Growth.

Watch the 20-minute video above on the 5 Pillars

Hi, I’m Mike, give yourself 20 mins now! Get a tea, coffee or water I promise you’ll see the value.

I work with mechanical and electrical services businesses who are looking for a fast, efficient and effective way to grow and scale. Perhaps you’ve hit a stagnant point and need to breakthrough, perhaps it feels like a game of snakes and ladders.

Watch this short introduction to my 5 Pillars Model that I created after Failing in business then building and selling another Air conditioning company and coaching over 100 businesses. After you’ve watched it, choose an area that if you created change, would mean the biggest impact on your business.

Book a 60-minute free call to take a deep dive into a pillar with me. Coaching and Training are all about Impact. That’s what I plan to deliver for you in that time.

If you’d rather, Call me on: 07860 275083 or email me:

So, what’s the catch? Honestly nothing! If you see value in what I do and what I have to offer for you and your business, you may be compelled to ask how we work together to implement the full system! But don’t unless you’re serious about having a business that runs without you and gives you the freedom any business should. 😉

Some More Reviews

I can’t speak highly enough of Mike. He’s very personable, but more importantly, he’s extremely effective and knows how to get the best out of people. In a world full of “coaches” Mike is the real deal and can draw on his own experience in business, not just theory.

My 1-2-1 sessions with Mike enabled me to affect real improvement in both my business and mindset.

James Middledicth

MD, Digital Group Media

Mike has been a great asset whilst consulting for our agency GANG. His wealth of experience and knowledge has been invaluable to the development of our business. Some of our biggest pain points were processes, strategies and client negotiation. – Mike coached us in these areas which enabled us to successfully onboard more clients and to run our business more efficiently and effectively. I highly recommend Mike to any business or individual the value and knowledge he can provide is unparalleled.

Gareth Matthews

Owner, GANG

Impact! I think that is the best word I could use to explain what Mike Sweet did for me as my coach. He made an impact! I have always been a little bit cautious of coaches as I always felt they just told me what I wanted to hear and did not really challenge me or dissect my decisions to help me break through challenges. Mike is different. We achieved a 727% increase in profit in our second year of trading. 100% my recommendation to you!

Sarah Poynton-Ryan

Director, Rent Guaranteed

Mike coached me through the early stages of my business. There is plenty of substance behind that shiny smile! Mike was always full of practical advice on business and personal development. I honestly don’t think I would have survived without him – highly recommended!

Tim Charrot

Co Founder, Titan Labs

Mike is the best business trainer that I have ever come across. His approach to building your confidence and mindset is exceptional. He took us from just an idea to established growing business. Very lucky to have worked with Mike.

Robert Rajeswaren

CEO, Go Code

My business progressed a huge amount while working with Mike and has continued to do so. I know this is as a direct result of the business mentoring he gave me. He has a great way of helping you to look at things from a completely different perspective. Mike it was a pleasure to work with you!

Sharon Sackey

CEO, Belloost

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