Building people through training and coaching programmes.


What can you achieve with NLP training or coaching?


Think for a moment!

If training or coaching could give you what you’re looking for, what would that be like for you?

I help people and businesses gain valuable insights and perspective. I teach to adapt peoples mindset, skillsets and behaviours to achieve growth.

“Everyone needs a coach
Every famous athlete, every famous performer needs somebody as a coach, somebody who watches what they’re doing and say “is that what you really meant?” To give them perspective

One thing that people are never really good at is seeing themselves as others see them, a coach really does.”

CEO, Google, Eric Smidt

Do You Know What You Want? Would You Like To Talk It Over?

James Middleditch - MD - Digital Group Media

I can’t speak highly enough of Mike. He’s very personable, but more importantly he’s extremely effective and knows how to get the best out of people. In a world full of “coaches” Mike is the real deal and can draw on his own experience in business, not just theory.

My 1-2-1 sessions with Mike enabled me to affect real improvement in both my business and mindset.

Samuel Moinet - Student Breakthrough


I knew that having to switch from teacher to Entrepreneur was going to be challenging at times and that I needed some support in helping me reach my goals for Student Breakthrough. From doing some research online, Mike jumped out at me as someone who could help me get to the next level as he was very experienced in both NLP and coaching and had supported other young professionals on their respective journeys. So far I have had three sessions with Mike and I leave each call with more motivation, various action steps to take away and a wealth of business knowledge. Mike is very personable and has an extremely caring approach when discussing any issue I am facing with my business.  This has given me a massive boost and has fast-tracked my new business in a matter of months. Overall Mike has given me a feeling of control, confidence and support that I would not have had otherwise.

Sharon Sackey - Founder - Belloost™

“My business progressed a huge amount while working with Mike and has continued to do so. I know this is a direct result of the business mentoring he gave me. He has a great way of helping you look at things from a completely different perspective.”



Robert Rajeswaren - CEO - GoCode Academy

“Mike is the best business trainer that I have ever come across. His approach to building your confidence and mindset is exceptional. He took us from just an idea to established growing business. Very lucky to have worked with Mike.”

Anne-Marie Perkins

“Mike is a highly skilled NLP practitioner and coach. I found his approach with me to be unselfishly 100% committed to my success. His personal impact with me was profound and immediate and I would not hesitate to recommend working with him.”

Ravi Chal - Director - Future PharmHC Ltd

“As a professional working in competitive fields, I have always been confident in my work related skills but have always struggled to combine these with professional skills. I wasn’t able to reach my own goals and I needed to do something to change this. I met Mike while working as a business mentor and very soon Mike had identified my issues and helped me understand where I was lacking and how to turn this around. Since working with mike I have gone on to not only meet my expectations but exceed them, which I would largely credit to working with Mike.”


Coaching is now more popular that ever. Individuals and Businesses looking for acceleration and growth. Get perspective, direction and challenge to gain growth.


NLP training programmes for individuals and companies. Building skills within to allow people to achieve personally to drive their life, career or business on their terms.



I speak about peak performance, psychology and soft-skills in the workplace. Delivering messages that make an impact.

Am I right for you as your coach?

Are you open-minded? Do you have a real desire to change? If yes, get in touch.


Everything we do will be targeted to make progression measurable and tangible. Test it, measure it, adjust it, improve. Repeat!


Your growth or your businesses growth requires agreement and total commitment from everyone involved.


Timescales will be set for all coaching programmes, with detailed goals and achievements along the way.

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