Mike Sweet

Coach, Trainer, Speaker & Mentor! Passionate about finding what works and constantly improving.



Delivering messages that need to be heard. Speaking is an area I’m passionate about and I help others find their voice.


Assist people finding their unique direction in life and business.


Ever listened to Podcasts? Check these out. They cover some amazing subjects, they are free and only 10 minutes each. I wonder what you’ll discover?



Writing to inspire and share what I have learned so far.



Lost your direction? Breakthrough sessions available to get clarity.

Personal skills

Developing you! Ever feel like you’re lacking interpersonal skills. Relationships, sales and career.

Coaching has never been so accessible!

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Typically coaching is done passively. Allowing a person to discover their options and pathways through effective questioning. However, my approach has a different angle, ensuring you are able to rapidly progress. All programs first begin with a mutual agreement to be clear, open and honest throughout.

People Coached


Commitment Required


Acceptable Excuses


Dedication given

Is my coaching right for you?

I’m very limited to to amount of people I can coach at anyone time. Before I take new people on, we will need to talk first just to ensure the levels of commitment are where they need to be, and of course, that we are a good fit. After-all, we’ll be talking and working together a lot!


Be open to new ideas and experiences. Remember! Do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.


Everything we do will be targeted to make progression measurable and tangible. Test it, measure it, adjust it, improve. Repeat!


Timescales will be set for all coaching programs, with detailed goals and achievements along the way.

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