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I train and coach people to extract their potential giving them the edge.



As a business owner who has experience in growing, building and selling businesses, and actively working as a coach and trainer. I know that businesses and companies don’t need coaching or training. People do! 

Over the last 22 years, I’ve served time as an engineer, coach, manager, therapist, NLP trainer, managing director, business coach etc. And I’ve found my passion, it’s helping people and businesses to thrive with coaching and NLP Training.

I work with people to help them find their purpose and create positive changes.

It’s exciting and rewarding to work with individuals who are seeking a new passion or looking to discover their purpose. Also, with business owners and their teams to build new mindsets within and see how that impacts the whole organisation. This approach working with all key members builds better leaders, gives new ways to motivate entire teams and develops everyone involved.

My role as your coach/trainer is to not only support, facilitate, educate and advise, but more importantly, to allow you and your team to be all you can by:

  • Removing limiting beliefs
  • Building confidence and motivation
  • Banishing doubt which hinders performance
  • Creating teams that welcome necessary growth and change
  • Building a culture that allows the business to thrive
  • Discover a hidden drive inside all people
  • Remove blockages which have been holding people back

I often say that I work as a coach and trainer, helping people get the “edge” in business and life.

What is the edge? What does that really mean? The edge is the difference that makes the difference. e.g. a carving knife that has a blunt edge, is still a carving knife. It looks very similar but performs differently.

We require the edge to function and perform effectively. Most individuals and even businesses are very close to having what they set out to achieve. A “sharpen” here and there is usually all it takes.

When coaching and training work hand-in-hand, dramatic results happen.

Coaching presupposes that the “coachee” has all of the resources within. A coach’s role is to guide, challenge, push, test and give perspective. But, in my experience, additional learning, strategies and knowledge can really amplify progress. Training is a rapid way to grow.

When coaching and training co-exist, both sides of the knife get sharpened and become effective. Do you, your team or your company have the edge, or does the edge need sharpening?

Mike Sweet
M.HYP / M.NLP / Cert SM / HPD

Mike Sweet  – Business Coach, Trainer and Speaker

07860 275083



More Info

I’m based in Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire, UK. However, I hold Zoom sessions for those who can not travel. Alternatively you can call me on my mobile, the details are below.

Address: City Office, Margaret Powell House, 403 Midsummer Boulevard, Milton Keynes MK9 3BN, Phone: 07860 275083

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