My Podcasts

Podcast are a great way for me to reach a far and wide audience. Typically, I offer a very limited schedule for 1-2-1 coaching sessions and podcasting allow me to offer information all over the world. Now downloaded in 88 countries.


Podcast are available to download for free from the iTunes store and from Stitcher radio for those of you that aren’t with apple. I have branded these all as The 10-minute Coach. The reason for this is really for me to keep a track to ensure I offer value in a short space of time, without the need to waste anyone’s time. Typically people listen to Podcasts on their daily commute and with the average time being 25 minutes you should be able to consume 3 a day with ease, and have some time for the normal radio!

10 Minute Psycology Coach Podcast FinalThis is the most popular Podcast so far. This is aimed to give you an insight into this amazing “social technology”. Understanding how you can sway communication, or to know if anyone is using these skills on you.

This podcast is one to listen to for some amazing and simple Influence, Psychology and Persuasion tips.

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10 Minute NLP Coach Podcast ImageNLP in Action. NLP is short for neuro-linguistic programming and if this is new to you, introducing it in a few lines in nearly impossible. But….. Some say it’s the toolbox and manual for the brain.

NLP is close to my heart as I’ve trained in this for 10 years, but……. I also have a slightly different view than most on its effectiveness and application.

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10 Minute Life Coach Podcast FinalPerhaps the most nondescript of all of the podcast. Over the past years I have accumulated over thousands of 1-2-1 hours with people for all kinds of reasons, ranging from habit forming and breaking, business and relationship coaching, human factors and performance. and something is very clear to me.

People who struggle follow a pattern, people who succeed follow a pattern, people who are able to achieve massive self-worth have and follow a pattern. These patterns and principles are what I talk about during this… Life Coaching Podcast. You could call it that.

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