What and how we believe can dramatically change the way we live our lives. And the great thing about beliefs is we can change them at any time that we choose.

NLP, which is the study of excellence which to put even more simply. The study of what works. And from studying what works comes these beliefs of excellence. Have a read through these beliefs of excellence and try them on the size. If you absorb and live by these beliefs, imagine how differently you would see situations.

Each person is unique –  The Map Is Not The Territory

This is perhaps the most common for all of NLP. When you understand each person is individual, then, we are all different. Each of us has our mental maps that we interpret the world to arrive our very own conclusion. These, differ from person to person. each new experience and interpretation of the experience is usually shaded in some way by our experience. This is partially what gives us our uniqueness.

Each Experience Has A Structure

This can be viewed as all knowledge, memories, thoughts and imaginations are merely a result of the way we have filters installed all previous information. All of our thoughts and our memories have a pattern structure to them. And these are what allow us to anchor our emotional states and feelings to past experiences. The structure that is created within each experience allows us to fast-track back to an initial thought feeling or emotion at a specific time. If an unhelpful experience has a structure, they were able to change the structure which would change the output of that experience. This is one of the ways that change can occur using NLP techniques.

If Someone Can Do It –  Anyone Can Do It

This belief of excellence has been in place in NLP since the mid-70s. Only recently, Carol Dweck has added some sound science to this belief in her study of fixed versus growth mindsets.

What a great belief to hold. Also, if every experience has a structure, then everything that anyone does with excellence will also have a structure. Modelling, which is the cornerstone of NLP can allow a person to uncover another’s excellence and try that on for size.

There Is A Solution To Every Problem

I believe that this belief is becoming more and more common. We live in a world now where we can access so much information, which solutions can become easier to find. If you do what you’ve always done then you’ll get you always got. So when you believe that there is a solution to every problem, then you can look at the issue as temporary and use the tote model to begin to seek the solution intelligently.

The Mind And Body Are Parts of The Same System

Whatever and however we think directly affects our physiology. But also, our physiology directly affects our psychology. This completely two-way street. You’ve heard the saying ” fake it until you make it,” which is now probably overused. However, there is a lot of sense in this because whenever a person acts confident and relaxed about the situation, then they will get able to feel that.

The converse is true also. When you act and feel depressed, then you’re more likely to feel depressive feelings. The mind controls the body, and the body controls the mind they are parts of the same system