Living The Life

In this show, I’ll be explaining 2 fundamental brain patterns to allow you to achieve more of what you want and to reduce those internal conflicts and frustrations.

Now, as with most of my shows, this information comes from years as a coach and therapist. My time has lead me to see some really clear patterns and because of my curious nature I have then done the research to back up my own finding and then I have been on a quest to simplify the processes to allow this information to the masses without the techno-babble.

The brain process you need to understand is the “adult and child split”. I like to think of it like this. Our physical brain and central nervous systems is the child which likes to follow commands and clear instructions. It’s also the imaginative part. If you ask what kind of blue is the sky it will come up with something creative, quite like a child would.

The adult part of our thinking is the bit no-one can locate. This has been called the soul, the commander, the part of you that’s actually reading this and asking questions along the way. You could say it’s the intelligent part of you. The adult part is the chief and has the ability to offer instructions to the “child part” to physically function and define our reality. In essence, if you want to move your arm you will have a little internal chat and then send the command to the child part to follow, and hey-presto you move your arm. Basic stuff really and I bet you’re thinking why is this relevant, and what is there you can learn that’s constructive?

Well the sending of the command is a normal part and is something you will carry on doing, but you also need to understand that the adult and the child have a different language. Or we could say, the child doesn’t understand some types of commands.

If you tell a child not to push the big red button, what are they compelled to do? If you say to a child don’t cross the road, why do they seem to do exactly what you tell them not to do. OK, I’ll let you into it, but while I tell you all about his part and how it works, don’t pay any attention to your feet right now. This is important, and also don’t notice which hand feels the warmest while I explain this in detail. Well, what just happened. You did what I asked you not to do. Simply put, you can’t do a don’t. but you can do-a-do! Sounds a bit like a dance, do-a-do!

The issue is not the child inside, being blatantly difficult, it’s the type of commands that is the problem. The internal child is goals-driven, it wants and can only understand what to do, what to focus on, and what to feel. Therefore, if you don’t want to feel frustrated, more often than not you’ll feel even more frustrated by not wanting to. The child is looking for a clear direction and command to follow. Wanting to feel calm and in control allows your inner child to be creative and find a resource to make that happen for you, which, in turns reduces the feelings of frustration. Not wanting to feel stressed will only give you more stress and internal questions.

It’s important to know this, as you are closer to the adult part than the child. You have the ability to add into your life what you want, but your inner child, has to deliver the goods.

Therefore, next time you’re looking to achieve something, whether it’s something as simple as waking up at 6 AM and getting straight out of bed, give yourself that exact command. A command such as don’t lie-in tomorrow morning will more than likely be interpreted by your inner child as lie-in tomorrow morning.  And then the big problem with all of that, is that not only do you feel like a failure but, you also really question why you are unable to stick to your original plans.

It can make you wonder at times, who is actually pulling the strings! Thankfully the answer is you, but perhaps you been talking in the wrong language!

Listen up, and see what else you learn and discover during this podcast, and leave me comments or contact me on social media to discuss anything.