Living The Life

This session is very close to my heart and is an area, I’m always pushing! But it doesn’t come easily to me. I wish it did. Getting uncomfortable with something is a sign and a signal that you’re about to learn, achieve or push a boundary with something. Whenever boundaries are pushed, lessons and discoveries are uncovered. This is where I want to spend my life. Pushing, trying, learning and growing.

Why I’m suggesting being uncomfortable is good

OK, the best place to start here is a quote. “Do what you’ve done and you’ll get what you’ve got“. So, what if I’m happy with what I have and have achieved? This is a great question and it leads me on to a very important life, personal, mental and physical health fact! You can only ever be in 2 states during your life, growing or dying. Listen to more of these Podcasts for more on this but, in a nutshell, we are goal seeking beings from birth, this is the time where we push the most and have an unfathomable amount of tenacity plus for most it’s the time where we spend most of our days happy. This isn’t because we are eating cushions, or chewing keys, it’s because we are always attempting things we can’t do. e.g. Growing. If you can practice challenging yourself this is a sure way to keep happy and motivated. It’s the achievements we remember when we are old and tell a story. These trials and tribulation shape us. But, you always need to be in a state of pushing.

When is it enough and time to settle

Honestly, most days are fine to settle and relax. I’m not suggesting you start the day with a 4:30 am gym session, followed by a 60-minute meditation session, then listen to an audio book on cardiology on the way to work and outwork and outsmart everyone there. This will run you into the ground for sure. But….. what small steps of challenge can you implement today? It may be something so simple as mastering sudoku, or learning a new language. And once done, think how good you’d feel?

Why does it feel so hard to start something new?

Quite simply, we are naturally wired to do what’s familiar. In evolutionary terms, if what you did yesterday was good enough to keep you here for today, then that must be right, surely. This was 100%, and still can be applicable for those in caves, mud huts and hunting for survival. But for you dear listener and reader, the game has changed. Living in a cave and hunting was uncomfortable and this is part of the reason our ancestors remained so active. They had to be. But now with Flat TV’s and fat waistlines. Depression and feelings of worthlessness on the rise and even to epidemic levels. Action needs to be taken. NOW.

The first step is the hardest, and should get harder

Another whacky title. My point is this, when something gets comfortable again, growth stops and this is a time to step things up a gear, add something new into the mix or change something completely. Comfort is the enemy, but most of our goals and values desire comfort and contentment! Comfort and contentment will come from achievement and growth. Imagine how content you feel when you have tackled a task you have been putting off. OK, not doing it has allowed you time to be content, but….. the mind isn’t. Completing, achieving, ticking off and all ways you can live on purpose and it come with discomfort. Listen up, and see what else you learn and discover during this podcast, and leave me comments or contact me on social media to discuss anything.