Living The Life

This session is close to my heart and since I have taken notice of this I have witnessed this more and more. It’s never crowded along the extra mile. What does this mean? Simply put, if you’re willing to do those things most others won’t do, then it’s a far easier journey, paved with rapid results and a calm feeling of achievement.

Most people go through their lives, living to times dictated to them by others and seemingly external factors. Work starts at 8:30 am, therefore, you factor in the commute and the time to get dressed and maybe rush some boxed breakfast. You get into work, open your emails and see what you have to deal with immediately. You have a barrage of emails and along with that your boss has just told you they need to have a report in for lunch time, plus can you prepare a presentation for 5:30pm as you have a finance meeting. It seems like these talks keep mounting and no matter how productive you are, you simply can’t catch up. You’re behind the ball and theres no way out.

So what does this do with travelling an extra mile I hear you ask? Well, firstly this “mile” is a metaphorical one, so no need to get back in your car for a short trip. The extra mile is the additional output that can transform a person’s life, literally. A little extra that will massively increase output, productivity while even reducing stress levels and ability to cope.

An example of the extra mile in the above situation would be this. Instead of working backwards and getting up at 6:35 am as you know from experience that gets you in on time, you set your alarm and get up for 5:30 am. This magic hour is the first step. Not only will the house be quiet and the bathrooms be free, but you’ll be getting prepared without distraction from family and phones etc. Getting ready will now be done in less time. you’ve had a few extra mins to get some quality breakfast and now you’re ready to leave the house. But wait….. You’re in for another treat. The roads are so much clearer, remember how your morning commute was spent listening to rubbish on the radio, with your phone pinging away in your lap to alert you of more impending works and stress. No more! The commute is smooth, then the phone is quiet and to top it off the car park is empty. You get the best spot too.

When you get in the office there is hardly anyone there. You grab a morning drink and sit down to the computer. First things first, that note off your boss about the presentation and report. Done. Distraction free and you’re away. The main task for the day is done. Next the emails that need to be picked up. Sailed through them and you’re clear for the day. With proper prior planning the extra mile is nothing short of a miracle. That one extra hour in the morning has the ability to transform your day and most importantly your stress levels.

Don’t limit the extra mile to an early start. The best way to find these wormholes is to see what most people do, and then just do that little bit more.

The reason this is today’s post is because I have added something into to my life which I have dreaded for years and now fully embrace. I set my alarm for 4:30 am to get to the Gym. The reason. My wife loves to do the 6:15 am gym classes so with kids someone has to be at home. Here are my options. Lie in until 6:30 am ish until the house wakes, my wife is sweating her pants off at the gym and it’s time for me to get the house, kids and dog ready for when she gets home for about 7:20 am, then it’s my turn. The morning this way as you can imagine is a mad rush. The traffic to the gym isn’t great and on the way back, what a disaster. This means I don’t get showered and dressed for work until at least 9:20 am!!!  Now I know this isn’t late but………. By getting up at 4:30 am I’m back dressed and fed before the kids wake. My day can start on those gym days as soon as my wife gets back. I’m simply ahead of the game.

I’m not alone! I was very surprised quite how many people were also at the gym at this time. It’s far from busy but you won’t be the only one. But you will be part of a very select few who choose productivity and the ability to run their day on their time frame.

Where are you able to go the extra mile?

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