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This is Episode 010 of the NLP In Action podcast. This show is all about the Circle of Excellence. There are a few name variations to this but the principles are all the same. So just embrace the process and look for new applications and variations yourself. One of the main core skills of NLP is state management. Having the ability to manage your state in various circumstances has a massive positive impact. Most people let their states lead them. The Circle of excellence, sometimes known as the circle of confidence and many more variations is a simple process that allows a person to create a desired state, and then step into that any time that they choose. A person can have a number of these “desired states” for various applications, such as sales, negotiation, even having fun.

Superstars, presidents, and all types of people who are on stage go through some sort of Circle of excellence process, to enable them to deliver not only their speech but their passion and enthusiasm.

The Circle of Excellence process

  1. Decide on the resource or state. Choose a resourceful state that you would like to have more often.
  2. Imagine there’s a circle on the floor in front of you, something the size that you can step into. Some people even like to mark this out.
  3. Time to elicit that state, so take some time, relax and breathe deeply. As this is a process of imagination, it’s usually easier to do this with your eyes closed.
  4. Now elicit a strong resourceful state. Really intensify that feeling, act as if you had that state intensely, notice those sensations, and feelings.
  5. Now project those intense feelings into the circle in front of you. Notice what colour they are, how are they moving what the size is? Notice the sounds or feelings that come from that circle.
  6. Now, step into the circle when the feelings and emotions are at their peak. As soon as you get in there, intensify those feelings as much as you can, notice and feel the powerful emotions that are surrounding and flowing throughout your entire body. Breathe it in, and wholly embrace it.
  7. Anchor that feeling with some natural gesture word or phrase. Some people use a body movement as an anchor that is in line with the state they are trying to produce.
  8. Don’t let the intensity fade, step back out, shake off the feelings and return to a healthy¬†normal state. ( Questions like: what did I have at breakfast on Wednesday is a great way to create a neutral state change).
  9. Now repeat the process, adding in where possible even more powerful emotions

The trick with this is, to actively imagine stepping into the circle when it has all the resources ready for you, instantly feeling those feelings and emotions which in turn create that state that you desire, and when that’s no longer needed, imagine stepping back out of the circle.

As this is a process of imagination, the circle can go with you. Where you go, it can go. Just think of it as your resource or force field. You just need to remember to step out of it and come back to a neutral state any time that that state is not required.

There are some more methods to this which I use quite frequently. The people who would like to become more socially excellent, I ask them to use this process but imagine that every doorway that they walk through can generate feelings that allow them to feel confident, and communicate excellently in social settings. The beauty of doing this is that while imagining walking through each doorway you become more socially excellent and sure, this process becomes automatic with time. Practice makes permanent remember?

As I always say, think of new applications that you can use this. Another example I can give you would be for an item of clothing. Perhaps any time you put on certain dress or jacket, you instantly change your state that is conducive to the type of place that you’ll be wearing it. It could be a fun state while you’re wearing this item at a dinner event, or it could be an intellectual thinker as these items are worn during business meetings. Whatever it may be, it’s a process of imagination. So please do look into as many ways as possible to utilise this strategy, because it’s widespread, extremely helpful but massively overlooked.

In simple terms, it’s nothing more than a power tie or a lucky pen. We attached meaning to so many inanimate things. The circle of excellence is a little different as it can always be with you and you can’t leave it at home.