006 – The Adult And Child Inside Our Minds

Living The Life In this show, I’ll be explaining 2 fundamental brain patterns to allow you to achieve more of what you want and to reduce those internal conflicts and frustrations. Now, as with most of my shows, this information comes from years as a coach and...
005 – The Eyes Have It – Eye Accessing Cues

005 – The Eyes Have It – Eye Accessing Cues

NLP In Action Welcome to NLP In Action. NLP insights and practical tips to help you discover what NLP has for you. This is Episode 005 of the NLP In Action podcast. This show is all about eye accessing cues. Typically people who begin to look into NLP at first, are...

004 – Meditate To Make You Great

Living The Life Meditate to make you Great. Meditation, mindfulness and other relaxation techniques, have been growing in popularity over the past 10 to 15 years and some would say that these methods have almost become mainstream. Unfortunately though, I feel we still...

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